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M2CODE was conceptualized with the vision to provide a giant ERP Solution applications to cater the ever growing business needs and School needs in Northeast India.

H Lallianmawia (Mawia HL)

Founder & Director

M2Code which came out of two Mizo techies, provides the most customizable solutions to ever changing customer needs in software solution. Its mission is to provide the most suitable Solutions to pace up with ever changing business needs through latest technologies and highly motivated people.

The Founder, Mr H Lallianmawia, (Globally known as Mawia HL, he is everywhere) is not new to the world software/coding paradigm. Before M2Code he was the lead developer in HL Solution which developed dozen of software Applications and solution for schools, college, shops and big entities.

M2Code is ready to help grow  businesses and entrepreneur ventures by integrating state of the art solutions to administrative tasks and help to tackle management issues. It finds ways to eliminate time consuming tasks and converting management solution to your finger tip.

It develops innovative solutions for existing cumbersome management. It believes in effective management of data for successful management. M2Code believes in and considers developing new solutions as important as supporting it.

Mizoram University, Tanhril
(9am - 05 pm)