Xyper Design

Xyper Design

Xyper Design is the 14th startup incubate of MZUIC as MoU was signed by the founder of the venture Mr Lalrinkima & Mr K.C.Zorammuana, the CEO of MZUIC on 28th Jan 2020. As the name given, the firm is basically technology based computer application activities like graphic designing and extending market activity overseas. 

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Mr. Lalrinkima (Xyper Design Studio) recently participated in the so called ‘StartupWinc 2020’ competition organised by Sponsoria and secured top 10 in the tough competition for elite computer savvy. During the wake of pandemic covid-19, Mr Lalrinkima was determined to apply for StartupWinc 2020 in Aug 2020 to be amongst the ‘150+ Startup applicants’ across Nation wide. After under going rigorous selection process thru Presentation/Project Plan virtual seminar during 17th Sept 2020 to 21st Sept 2020, he finally bagged the prestigious top 20 award ‘StartupWinc 2020’.

The startup has now made an ongoing Project Plan, ‘Graphic Illustration & Design Learning Center for Academic arena also, which is eagerly awaited.



Mizoram University, Tanhril
(9am - 05 pm)