Minute Khat Pheichham Results & Prize Money


The event was live at ZONET LIVE

Sl.No. Names & Names of pitch Amount(Rs) Prize Category
1 LALFAKAWMA, TUIKUAL NORTH,AIZAWL Puan Zarna (Recycled Plastic) 100,000 1st
2 LALLAWMKIMA RALTE, LUANGMUAL VENGTHLANG, AIZAWL Kuhva rah kawr Arecanut Fibre Processing 40,000 2nd
3 MALSAWMTLUANGA, BUNGKAWN, AIZAWL Aquafarms Mizoram-Consultancy services Biofloc Fish Farming 20,000 3rd
4 H. LALRUATFELI, DINTHAR VENG, AIZAWL Farmers’ Market 2,000 Consolation
5 MALSAWMDAWNGLIANA, THENTLANG, SERCHHIP DISTRICT School shoe making business 2,000 Consolation
6 PC LALREMTLUANGA, KHATLA EAST,AIZAWL Systematic Farming 2,000 Consolation
7 LALNUNPUIA LUNGCHUANG, RAMHLUN NORTH,AIZAWL MizoDotCon, Social Networking Service. 2,000 Consolation
8 LALBIAKSANGA, CHHINGA VENG, AIZAWL Brilliance Consultancy 2,000 Consolation
9 LALDANMAWIA, NEW CHAMPHAI Thingtlangpa Foods-Mizo Chilli processing and branding 2,000 Consolation
10 LALRINCHHANA, VAIVAKAWN,ZOHNUAI,AIZAWL Paper recycling 2,000 Consolation
11 ZONUNMAWIA FANAI, THINGSAI Hang So Foods-Cooked vegetables hub 2,000 Consolation
12 LALRINFELA, LUANGMUAL, AIZAWL Fungki (Street wear, ethnic wear garments manufacturing) 2,000 Consolation
13 SOLOMON LALHUALHIMA, PUKPUI, LUNGLEI Chhêk In-Grocery Delivery Service 2,000 Consolation
14 F. LALRINAWMA, RAMTHAR VENG, AIZAWL Microgreens 2,000 Consolation
15 LALRINNGHETA, CHAWNPUI VENG, AIZAWL Plastic Waste Recycled To Daily Essential Products 2,000 Consolation
16 C. LALENGKIMA, THENZAWL Paper Mill 2,000 Consolation
Mizoram University, Tanhril
(9am - 05 pm)