Toys leh Games Insiamsiak Vawi Khatna

Organised by MZU Incubation Centre, Zonet & Event Solutions

Intihsiakna-in a thil tumte

  • Thalai zawkte ngaihtuahna themthiam nei tura infuihna.
  • Intihhlimna, infiamna leh inkawm hlimna thar duan chhuahna remchang

Selection criteria

  • Novelty/originality or better modification of existing ones : Mahni kutkawih emaw a awmsa tha zawk a siam danglam 
  • Engaging capacity : Mi nuam tih zawng leh zawngchhang theih
  • Whether culture/tradition based :  Mizo/Kan hnam chin dan tlawhchhan nei
  • Educative and for pedagogy/teaching : Thil zirtir nei leh thil zirtlak nei
  • Inculcation of positive mental health-Rilru hriselna tuh thei

Competition Day

La inhriattir tur a ni ang

Categories 4 a awm ang

  1. Electrical/mechanical category
  2. Non-Electrical/non mechanical category
  3. Group game category (Props leh without props)
  4. Digital & Electronic games category

Tel theih Dan

  1. Mi pakhat/ thian ho anga tel theih a ni.
  2. Toy/game pakhat aia tam entry a neih theih.
  3. Entry pakhat aia tam nei tan form hi a thar a submit leh mai tur a ni e.

Last date of Registration

31st January 2022

Category Tina LAWMMAN

₹ 25000

First Prize

₹ 15000

Second prize

₹ 10000

third prizE

Consolation Prize of ₹ 2500 for 4 entries

Prizes worth ₹ 2.1 Lakh – Lawmman sem ral tur Cheng Nuai Hnih leh Singkhat

Mizoram University, Tanhril
(9am - 05 pm)